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waste cleanup, animal waste removal, raccoon waste removal
waste cleanup, animal waste removal


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Insulation Replacement

KY Wildlife Removal Specialist is Kentucky's most complete wildlife removal company.  See our insulation replacement page for more details on our full service attic and crawlspace restoration services. 

After our specialists have removed all contaminated materials, a disinfectant will be applied to neutralize odors associated with wildlife waste.  Fleas, lice, mites and other parasites can infest bats, birds, rats, raccoons, squirrels and other animals.  If the host animals are removed, the parasites may look for another host and may spread into the living space of human dwellings potentially transmitting diseases to occupants.  Our wildlife waste remediation specialists are trained to identify these parasites and can assist with the necessary measures required keep them from spreading into the inhabited spaces of the structure. 

Caution: Hiring an ordinary insulation contractor to remove animal waste contaminated insulation is not advised.  An Insulation contractor typically does not have the specialized waste removal equipment, like hepa-filtered vacuums, or the specialized training in bio-hazardous waste removal and disposal.

Our Waste Remediation Specialists will safely remove and conduct proper disposal of wildlife your contaminated materials.  Our specialists are highly trained and will use special hepa-filtered vacuum systems to prevent harmful contaminates from spreading into the inhabited spaces of your home or business.

Caution: Removal of animal wastes from structures should only be attempted by experienced wildlife waste remediation specialists, familiar with proper removal and hazardous waste disposal procedures, which prevent harmful animal waste from becoming airborne.

Wildlife Waste Remediation