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Many gutter guard companies will claim that there gutter guards are 100% clog or maintenance free!  However, the truth is that there is no gutter guard system ever made that is truly clog or maintenance free.  

We will never claim these false statements about our gutter guard system!  But we will stand 100% behind the fact that our gutter guards are the most durable and easiest gutter guard system on the market to maintain.  

Our gutter guards are produced with .027 thickness aluminum and will withstand the toughest of storms and the most ferocious teeth of nuisance wildlife.  

Our patented Auto Clean option makes gutter cleaning and maintenance a simple chore.  Simply hook up the system to your outside water source and simply clean your gutters from the ground in just  a few minutes.  


Why Our Gutter Guards are Better! 

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Louisville, KY Wildlife Proof Gutter Guards

We are now offering the gutter guard industries only wildlife proof and self cleaning gutter guard system.  Wildlife will take the path of least resistance and gain entry through available openings or by tearing and chewing their way into a structure.  It is very common for squirrels, raccoons, bats and birds to gain entry into a structure through a faulty or weak gutter guard system.  

Our wildlife damage repair experts have encountered problems with and repaired every gutter guard system on the market.  In our efforts to resolve these problems we started using the Pest Guard by Gorilla Gutter Guard Systems.  Our wildlife experts were so impressed with the results we added the complete Gorilla Gutter Guard System to line of services. 

Explore our site and see how we can put the Gorilla Gutter Guard System to work for you.  It will not only keep the critters out of your house but it will save you time and money.  No more replacing weak or damaged gutter guards and if you choose our auto clean system it will take the hassle out of cleaning debris from your gutters.  No gutter system is truly maintenance free but our auto clean system will truly take the hassle in cleaning your gutter system.  Contact our Louisville, KY Gutter Guard Installers Today!