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It may seem logical to hire a general contractor or your regular handyman to perform wildlife damage repairs.  Most general contractors and handymen do satisfactory work on ordinary household repairs but lack the training and experience to identify wildlife entry and exit points on a structure.  Think of it this way, would you trust a general practitioner to perform brain surgery?  Most would hire the Brain Surgeon, a specialist in his field.  Our Technicians are highly trained specialist in the field of wildlife control and we are licensed in Kentucky to perform wildlife damage repairs.  Our technicians go through an extensive training and certification process and ensure all local, state and federal building codes are adhered to.  They will not only restore the property but ensure wildlife can not re-enter and cause more damage.  OUR GOAL IS TO HELP YOU PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.

Our technicians take great pride in the work they perform.  We either restore your property to its original state or improve upon the quality.  We follow all local, state, and federal building codes and will not take shortcuts to lower costs of any repairs.  We have many competitors in the local wildlife control industry and we always encourage our clients to get several quotes.  We may not always be the cheapest and we do not try to be the lowest or the highest bidder.  What we do strive for, is the highest quality service and workmanship possible for a reasonable and equitable rate. 

We often encounter clients who have completed or attempted wildlife damage repairs on their own, only to find out that the animal was trapped either inside or outside the nesting area.  These situations can lead to animals perishing inside the structure or creating more costly damages as they try to exit or re-enter the nesting area.  In most situations the nuisance animals must be removed in order to prevent future damages.  Failure to do so will often result in more costly repairs than initially hiring a professional wildlife damage repair technician. Doing wildlife removal and damage repair may also result in the individual coming in contact with animal diseases from the animals themselves or the waste they have left behind. 

 Wildlife Damage Repairs

Nuisance wildlife can cause extensive damages to residential and commercial properties.  These animals frequently take advantage of openings left by general contracted builders, by chewing of entry points, rotten boards, and weathered or deteriorated building materials.  KY Wildlife Removal Specialist is a complete wildlife removal company and can offer professional repairs for all kinds of wildlife damage.  We perform a complete roof top to foundation inspection for each property we service. During our all-inclusive inspection we will identify all wildlife damages and the necessary repairs required to restore or improve the properties value.