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Resident landowners and tenants can live-trap a skunk that is causing damage on their property. But they risk being sprayed by the animal they are trapping, especially if they are using a commercially purchased cage trap. Our skunk control specialists use specialized skunk traps and we can even transfer skunks to our special skunk traps. So if you have a skunk problem or you have caught a skunk and need assistance.  Call one of our skunk trappers, skunk trapping, skunk removal specialist immediately. 

The striped skunk is considered by many people to be a disgusting animal and a general pest in their Louisville, KY communities and neighborhoods. This reputation is often derived from the disgusting smell that usually accompanies a skunk siting. The skunk is very aware of the respect it enjoys and will rarely run from a threat. Instead, when annoyed he will raise his bushy tail, lower his head and assume an aiming position, and as a last resort, commence firing. The hapless offender then becomes a victim of two narrow streams of yellow fluid secreted from a double barreled nozzle in the skunk’s anal tract. The skunk can accurately dispense this secretion at distances up to 10 feet and can shoot five or six spurts at the intruder. If the victim is hit in the eyes, temporary blindness will occur. A near miss will cause nausea, gagging and extreme discomfort.

Occasional sightings around Louisville, KY neighborhoods should not be cause for alarm. However when skunks take up residence around homes (usually under decks, barns and in crawl spaces), you should call our skunk removal specialist and have the nuisance skunk removed.as soon as possible

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