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We often see raccoons or the evidence of raccoons in and around our Lexington, KY homes and businesses.   The raccoon is an omnivore and they will scavenge for food where ever they can get it.  Raccoons will raid trash cans, eat from pet food bowls, destroy bird feeders and even come into your house through pet doors.  In some cases we may not even see the raccoons but the evidence they leave behind such as muddy hand prints or their scat on the rooftop. In these situations, raccoons can become a serious nuisance to your daily life.  Removal of these nuisance raccoons is usually the only viable solution to your problem and a professional raccoon removal company such as kY Wildlife Removal Specialist of Lexington is the quickest and safest way to remove your nuisance raccoons. 

Once a raccoon starts to frequent your lawn or your rooftop, the chances of them finding a way into your attic is very great.  Raccoons need a safe secure place to build a den as much as they need food.An attic cavity is a very common place for urban raccoons to hide.  Raccoons normally find entry into your attics and crawlspaces through hidden and overlooked areas of the roofline or foundation that may be in need of repair.  Raccoons are very strong animals and they can pull away roof vents, foundation vents, and rotten boards.  Raccoons can even pry open vinyl soffit panels in order to gain entry into your Lexington, KY home.  If a raccoon has gained access to your home you should have a professional raccoon removal company such as kY Wildlife Removal Specialist of Lexington assist you immediately.

Raccoons are mostly nocturnal animals so you will likely hear them in an attic during the night, making loud noises as they move around.  Raccoons will also raise litters of babies in the attic and crawlspaces of homes.  In Kentucky, raccoons typically start giving birth in late March and we see litters as late as early August.  Raccoon babies are called kits and they make chattering and barking sounds when they are young.  Removal of these raccoon kits should be conducted as early as possible.  The older the raccoon babies get the more damage they will do to your property.  Baby raccoon removal is a complicated procedure and should only be performed by a professional raccoon removal company. 

Attempting to remove baby raccoons without first removing the mother raccoon can lead to a dangerous situation.  The mother raccoon may become aggressive and in some cases attack or bite in order to protect her kits.  Additionally if proper care is not taken in the raccoon removal procedure the mother will abandon her kits, leaving them to starve and most likely die in your attic.  The removal of baby raccoons should only be attempted by a professional raccoon removal company.  The trained and certified raccoon removal professionals at kY Wildlife Removal Specialist of Lexington can remove your baby raccoons and in most cases keep the mother and kits together for relocation. 

No matter what your raccoon removal problem is we can help you remove unwanted raccoon guests.  Give the raccoon removal professionals at kY Wildlife Removal Specialist of Lexington, KY a call today.  A trained and certified wildlife professional will remove the nuisance raccoons from your home while also repairing the entry locations to ensure the raccoons to not reenter.  If you are only seeing raccoons in your yard or on your porch you may also want to ask about a preventative inspection. Taking this proactive measures, having raccoons removed, repairing the weak or damaged areas before raccoons enter your home, will save you money and damage.  Give our local Lexington, KY office a call today! We help you protect what is important!  

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