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Kentucky bat populations are much higher near large forest and caves. The city of Owensboro is located near many of these high bat population areas and this exposes the homes and businesses of Owensboro to potential bat conflicts. Bats are often seen flying in and around Owensboro neighborhoods during the warmer months.  This is normal and bats are a key part of our ecosystem. However bats can be a nuisance when they choose attics or wall cavities of Owensboro homes and businesses as roosting sites. The presence of bats in the attic or walls can lead to a strong odor caused by large accumulations of bat guano (feces).  Bat guano is can be very hazardous to human health and should be removed immediately. If you need to get rid of bats then call and speak with one of our bat removal and bat control professionals. We are the Owensboro, KY expert’s at bat removal, bat exclusion, waste remediation and attic restoration after bats have contaminated your attic. Our experts can help you get rid of bats fast and in a safe manner. Call now for more details on both commercial and residential bat removal.


No wildlife removal or control task is to big or small for our highly trained wildlife specialist. With over 20 years experience we have the background and knowledge to safely and humanely remove the nuisance wildlife from your Owensboro, KY homes and businesses. 


Squirrels are very hearty and abundant animals and their populations are very high in Owensboro, KY. Squirrels have two litters a year and with limited tree nesting sites they often take advantage of your homes and business.  Many homes in Owensboro, KY neighborhoods provide easy access for squirrels.  Squirrels will get into your attic through openings in the roofline, vents, and by chewing entry holes.  Squirrel populations in Owensboro increasing every year and squirrel problems should addressed quickly. Squirrels should never be allowed in your attic and we recommend you get rid of squirrels by using a  professional wildlife removal company.  Attempting the removal squirrels with out the proper training will often times lead to more damages.  Squirrels contribute to approximately 30,000 house fires each year and should never be allowed in the attic of a Owensboro home of business.  So as soon as you become aware of a squirrel living in your house or attic you should contact  one of our professional squirrel removal specialists and let our experts help you get rid of squirrels.


Raccoon removal from homes and businesses in Owensboro, KY is our most common wildlife service. Raccoons are very abundant throughout Kentucky and they will frequently make themselves at home in the communities and urban neighborhoods of Owensboro, KY.  Raccoons are seen in trash cans, digging up yards, eating pet food and climbing on houses.  Raccoons will also get into the attic can do serious damage in a very short amount of time. Raccoons that get into Owensboro, KY  attics can destroy insulation and leave hazardous materials such as urine and feces. Raccoon feces contains roundworm and poses a threat to your family's health.   Raccoons will also utilize uncapped chimneys for raising young. If your chimney is uncapped or you suspect a raccoon may be living in your chimney you should contact our raccoon removal company and prevent future chimney  raccoon damages.  We always recommend you contact a professional as soon as you become aware of a raccoon living in your house or attic. Our Owensboro raccoon removal specialist can help you solve all of your raccoon problems.


Large nuisance bird populations are a common problem throughout Owensboro, KY. The bird species we commonly see in the Bowling Green area are geese, feral pigeons, starlings, swifts and sparrows. These invasive birds have caused numorous conflicts with Owensboro, KY businesses and home owners. Problems where birds establish roosting or nesting sites in or around buildings and community lakes are the main concern. Their presence of these invasive birds and geese can not only cause structural damage and product loss to business owners, but health, safety and sanitation issues from the accumulation of bird droppings.  Birds will also get into attic, vents, vinyl soffits and awnings.   Our Owensboro, KY bird control specialist are trained and certified in all aspects of bird and goose control.  If you have a bird control  or goose control problem call on of our professional Owensboro bird control company.

Some of the cities, towns and communities in our service area include: Owensboro and Daviess County, KY We also service the cities and towns of Masonville, Philpot and their surrounding cities, towns, and communities. 

We specialize in the removal and control of nuisance wildlife and pest animals from your Owensboro, KY area homes and businesses. Wildlife removal in Kentucky is regulated by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFW) to ensure the humane and proper treatment of the wild animals we remove. Before you allow a wildlife removal company into your Owensboro, KY home or business we recommend that you ensure they have the proper documentation from the KDFW and that they have the proper liability insurance, and a business license to perform work to your home or business.  The KDFW has a published directory on their site and you will see that our owner is listed with as a Licensed Wildlife Control Operator.  Our Wildlife Technicians are highly trained and can handle many wildlife problems such as raccoon removal, opossum removal, bat removal, and bird control.

KY Wildlife Removal Specialist is a full-service wildlife removal company servicing Owensboro, KY and the surrounding cities, towns, and communities. We perform Wildlife Control and Wildlife Removal services for Raccoons, Bats, Opossums, Squirrels, Birds, Beaver, & Snakes. We are your most complete wildlife removal company offering animal removal and wildlife damage repairs.  We do not provide services for domestic animal control. If you need assistance with domestic animals please contact the Daviess County Animal Adoption Center at (270) 685-8275 or visit their office located at 2620 Kentucky 81, Owensboro, KY 42301



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We are Owensboro, KY's most complete wildlife removal and control company, offering a full range of wildlife damage repairs and waste remediation services.  We have specialist on staff that can repair wildlife damages and clean up the waste left by nuisance animals.


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Opossums or possums are the only marsupial in the U.S. and they are very abundant in Owensboro, KY neighborhoods.  If opossums get under your house they will cause severe damage to your Owensboro, KY home or business. Opossums will destroy HVAC ducting, attic and crawl space insulation and contaminate these areas with feces and urine. Opossums will live in your attic, crawl space, under sheds, porches, patios, and outbuildings. Opossums seek areas that are elevates off the ground for nesting sites to raise their young.  If you suspect you have a opossum in your attic, under your house or an opossum in your garage it should be removed immediately! Opossum or Possum Removal should be completed as soon as you suspect or discover an opossum in your house or living under sheds and porches. Our Owensboro, KY based opossum removal company has certified and trained professionals that can handle all wildlife control problems and we have the tools to safely handle these very large and strong animals.  Give our office a call today and see how we can help you solve your opossum problems. 

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Snakes live in and around Owensboro, Kentucky flower beds, gardens, garages, sheds and in often times get into houses. There are many venomous and non-venomous snakes seen in  Owensboro, Kentucky neighborhoods. When you encounter a snake in or around your house we recommend you call a professional snake removal company.  Like all cold-blooded animals, snakes become more active as the temperature increases in  Owensboro, Kentucky. It is normal for people to be afraid of snakes and want to get rid of snakes whether they are venomous or not. So if you have a snake in your Owensboro, KY home, business or suspect you may have snakes in your lawn call our snake removal company immediately and let our experts help you get rid of snake problems.


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