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Excessive Goose Feces

  • Contains diseases and ectoparasites EColi, Salmonella, Coccidia, and Giardia.
  • Degrades and stains sidewalks and pathways.
  • 1.5 pounds per day per goose

Why our method of goose control works when others do not.  Geese do not see as we do.  They see color shapes and patterns that trigger responses in their brains, such as food or safety.  When the border collie works he utilizes his eyes, stalking with its head down and its tail between its legs. This style of movement is what triggers the predator response in the mind of the geese.  The border collie does not want to harm the geese, they are simply using this movement to herd the geese away from the area.  When they are working their movement looks like the wolf or coyote a natural predator of geese. Therefore the geese will find the environment unsafe and relocate elsewhere.  

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KY Goose Control Specialists provide goose management services throughout all of Central Kentucky. We utilize Border Collies that are highly trained and skilled in the herding and harassment of geese.  Our dogs and handlers are the best in the goose control industry.  This method of goose control is fully endorsed by PETA and the Humane Society.  We provide goose control for corporate properties, golf courses,  business parks, horse farms, schools, city parks, airports, military installations, community lakes and home owners throughout all of Kentucky.  Our service area includes Louisville, Lexington, Elizabethtown, Shepherdsville, LaGrange, Shelbyville, Buckner, Prospect and surrounding communities.

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Turfgrass Damage

  • Geese graze all year and prefer to eat new grass chutes.  
  • On small properties geese will completely strip turfgrass and expose the bare soil.  This will also contribute to drainage and erosion problems.





AAAC Humane goose control method

First, large numbers of geese leave large quantities of feces. A single goose can defecate every 20 minutes up to 1.5 pounds of feces each day.  This problem is magnified when we realize that approximately 67% of those geese are non-migratory or resident geese. In other words, land and lakes frequently do not get a sustained rest from geese presence. If large numbers of geese congregate, there will be a health risk related to the feces left on ground and in the water. 

Research has shown that the excrement of geese contains a wide variety of pathogens capable of infecting humans. (Diseases transmitted from animals to humans are known as zoonotic diseases).  Goose droppings can contain disease agents for EColi, Salmonella, coccidian, Giardia and many more diseases that are harmful to humans. 

Geese can also cause extensive damage to turfgrasses.  Geese graze all year long and when left uncontrolled geese can completely strip turfgrass, exposing barren soil and lead to erosion.  

  • Goose control with highly trained Border Collies specializing in hazing techniques. 
  • Egg addling and assistance in obtaining federal permits. 
  • All inclusive annual and seasonal goose control contracts.
  • Habitat modification consultations.
  • Waste removal and sanitation. 

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