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We specialize in the management, removal and control of nuisance wildlife and pest animals from your Frankfort, KY homes and businesses. Wildlife removal in Kentucky is regulated by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFW) to ensure the humane and proper treatment of the wild animals we remove. Before you allow a wildlife removal company into your Frankfort, KY home or business we recommend that you ensure they have the proper documentation from the KDFW.  The KDFW has a published directory on their site and you will see that our owner is listed with as a Licensed Wildlife Control Operator.  Our Wildlife Technicians are highly trained and can handle many wildlife problems such as raccoon removal, opossum removal, bat removal, and bird control.  KY Wildlife Removal Specialist is also licensed and insured for your protection.


Bat removal is one of the most common services we provide in the Frankfort, KY area.  Bats can become a serious issue if they gain entry into a Frankfort, KY home and businesse. Bats are often seen flying in and around Frankfort neighborhoods during the warmer months and bats are very beneficial to our environment.  However bats can create a serious conflict with humans when they choose attics or wall cavities as roosting sites.  Bats that establish roost in a wall will often times find its way into the living spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms and basements.  The presence of bats in the attic or walls of your home of business can lead to a strong odor caused by large accumulations of bat guano (feces).  Bat guano is can be very hazardous to human health and should be removed immediately by a trained bat professional.  If you need to get rid of bats then call and speak with one of our Frankfort based bat removal and bat control professionals. Our experts can help you get rid of bats fast and in a safe manner. Visit our Bat Removal Specialist site for more details on both commercial and residential bat removal.



Squirrels are the most prolific wild animals we assist our clients with throughout the entire year in Frankfort, KY. Squirrels give birth to two litters a year and often take advantage of homes and business by seeking shelter for nesting.  Many of the homes in Frankfort, KY neighborhoods provide easy access for squirrels.  Squirrels will get into your attic through openings in the roofline, vents, and by chewing entry holes in siding and soffits.  Squirrels should never be allowed to live in your attic and we recommend you get rid of squirrels by using a  professional squirrel removal company.  Attempting the removal squirrels with out the proper training will often times lead to more damages.  Squirrels contribute to approximately 30,000 house fires each year! Squirrels are wild animals and should remain in their natural habitat and not in homes and businesses here in the Frankfort, KY.  So as soon as you become aware of a squirrel living in your house or attic you should contact  one of our professional squirrel removal specialists and let our experts help you get rid of squirrels.

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Snakes are very abundant in Frankfort, Kentucky and often seen in flower beds, gardens, garages, sheds and in houses. There are many venomous and non-venomous snakes seen in  Frankfort, Kentucky neighborhoods. The most common snake seen is probable the Rat Snake.  Humane snake removal and control is a frequently provide service during the summer months. Like all cold-blooded animals, snakes become more active as the temperature increases in  Frankfort, Kentucky. Most people are very afraid of snakes and want to get rid of snakes whether they are venomous or not. If you need a snake removed from your Frankfort, KY home, business or suspect you may have snakes in your lawn call our snake removal company immediately and let our experts help you get rid of snake problems.


Opossums or possums are the only marsupial in the U.S. and they live in and around many of the Frankfort, KY neighborhoods.  Opossums can produce severe damage to your Frankfort, KY home or business if they gain entry to your attic or crawlspace. They can damage HVAC ducting, attic and crawl space insulation and contaminate the areas they inhabit with feces and urine. Opossums will live in your attic, crawl space, under sheds, porches, patios, and outbuildings. Opossums seek areas that are elevated off the ground for nesting sites to raise their young.  If you suspect you have an opossum in your attic, under your house or an opossum in your garage it should be removed immediately! Opossum or Possum Removal should be completed as soon as you suspect or discover an opossum in your house or living under sheds and porches. Our opossum removal company has trained specialist who can handle all wildlife control problems and have the tools to safely handle these very large and strong animals.

We are Frankfort, KY's most complete wildlife removal company, offering a wide range of wildlife damage repairs and waste  remediation services.  We are one company and your complete solution to wildlife removal and wildlife damage restorations.

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Raccoon problems are very common throughout the urban areas of Frankfort, KY. Raccoons are very intelligent animals and they can make themselves at home quit easily in the communities and neighborhoods of Frankfort, KY.  We often see raccoons in trash cans, digging up yards, eating pet food and climbing on roof tops.  Once a raccoon gains access to an attic they can do serious damage in a very short amount of time. Raccoons that live in Frankfort, KY  attics can destroy insulation and leave hazardous contaminates such as urine and feces. Raccoon feces can contain the roundworm and pose a threat to your family's health.  Raccoons should be removed immediately by a trained raccoon control expert. Raccoons can also find their way into your chimney and fireplace.  If you need a raccoon removal company or suspect a raccoon may be living in your attic you should contact our office and prevent further damages by raccoons.  Contact our professional raccoon trapping company as soon as you become aware of a raccoon living in your house or attic.

No wildlife project is to big or small for our highly trained wildlife specialist. Our company has been solving wildlife problems for over 20 years. We have the background and knowledge to safely and quickly remove the nuisance wildlife from your Frankfort, KY homes and businesses. 


Many of the rain water drainage and flooding problems in the Frankfort, KY area are caused by beaver. Beaver cause thousands of dollars in damage to ornamental trees, landscapes, boat docks and earthen dams on Frankfort community lakes and the many other lakes and ponds throughout Kentucky. The beaver is a large aquatic rodent (25 to 75 pounds in weight) with a flat, scaly tail and webbed hind feet. Beaver eat aquatic plants, bark, leaves, and twigs of many trees and shrubs. They will live nearly anywhere that has enough food and a permanent water supply, including lakes, rivers, creeks, ponds, or springs. Beaver will build dams to flood areas, in order to get to food, and hide from predators. Beaver are a very challenging animal to control and the traps are dangerous for untrained individuals to use.  So if you have a beaver problem or suspect you may have beaver damages to your property call one of our Frankfort based beaver removal company and let our experts help you get rid of beaver problems.

Some of the cities, towns and communities in our service area include: Frankfort, KY We also service the cities and towns of Frankfort, Georgetown, Lawrenceburg, Versailles, Peaks Mill, Stamping Ground, Millville, Mt. Eden, Harrisonville, Waddy, Hatton, Bagdad, Midway and many others.


KY Wildlife Removal Specialist is Frankfort, KY's most complete wildlife removal company servicing all of Frankfort and the surrounding cities, towns, and communities. We perform Wildlife Control, Wildlife Removal and Wildlife Damage Repair services for Raccoons, Bats, Opossums, Squirrels, Birds, Beaver, & Snakes. We are your most complete wildlife removal company offering animal removal and wildlife damage repairs.  We do not provide services for domestic animal control. If you need assistance with domestic animals please contact the Frankfort-Franklin County Humane Society office at (502) 875-7297 or visit their office located at 1041 Kentucky Ave, Frankfort, KY 40601.

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The striped skunk is considered by many to be a disgusting and fowl animal.  Skunks have become a general pest in Frankfort communities and neighborhoods.  Occasional skunk sightings around Frankfort, KY neighborhoods should not be cause for alarm. However when skunks live near homes (usually under decks, barns and in crawl spaces), you should call our skunk removal company and have the nuisance skunk removed from under your house as soon as possible. Some home owners and tenants try to  live-trap a skunk that is causing damage on their property. But they risk being sprayed by the animal they are trapping, especially if they are using a commercially purchased cage trap. KY Wildlife Removal Specialists of Frankfort use specialized skunk traps and we can even transfer skunks to our special no spray skunk traps. So if you have a skunk problem or you have caught a skunk under your house and need assistance.  Call our Frankfort skunk trapping and  skunk removal company immediately and let our experts help you get rid of skunk problems. 


Nuisance bird populations are a serious problem throughout Frankfort, KY. In Frankfort the major problem species are geese, feral pigeons, starlings, swifts and sparrows. These nuisance birds have caused severe damages to Frankfort, KY businesses and homes. Health and safety can become a major concern when birds establish roosting or nesting sites in chimneys, attics, soffits, on porches, awnings, eves, gable vents, or commercial buildings. Their presence birds and geese can not only cause structural damage and product loss to business owners, but health, safety and sanitation problems caused by the accumulation of bird droppings.  Our Frankfort, KY bird control company has highly trained and certified   bird and goose control professionals.  Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to solve your Frankfort, KY bird control needs.  If you have a bird control  or goose control problem call on of our professional Frankfort, KY  bird control company.

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