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Common Birds and Control Problems

The most common nuisance birds associated with commercial properties are pigeons, starlings, sparrows and geese.  These nuisance birds will cause extensive damages by soiling buildings and parking surfaces with nesting materials and feces.  There are also over 60 diseases and ecto-parasites transmittable to humans and animals.

Our certified bird control specialist can help you solve many different bird problems...

  • Nesting
  • Birds in Awnings
  • Birds in Buildings
  • Birds in Warehouses
  • Birds damaging HVAC system
  • Birds in Signs
  • Unwanted waterfowl ie. Ducks and Geese

Commercial Bird Control

KY Wildlife Removal Specialist is trained and equipped to handle all of your commercial bird control needs. We have certifications from many of the major bird control product manufactures in the United States.  Our technicians can install bird netting, bird spikes, bird shock track, bird repellents and many other products.  If you have a bird control problem whether it is small or large give us a call today and see how we can help your restore value to your property and protect the employees and patrons who us it. 

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Commercial Wildlife Removal

We are a complete wildlife removal company with highly trained and certified wildlife removal specialist on our staff.  Our commercial wildlife removal department offers services throughout the entire state of Kentucky.  Wildlife conflicts with commercial structures such as stadiums, parking garages, hospitals, and multi-level residences are common throughout the incorporated areas of Kentucky.  Our staff of certified specialists routinely provide bird control and bat removal for large commercial structures, working closely with our commercial clients to ensure the discreet and humane removal of the nuisance animals. 

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