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Bats commonly roost in attics, walls and crawlspaces of Louisville, Kentucky homes and businesses. These areas of a structure provide a dry and warm place for bats to roost and rear young baby bats.  Bats only need an opening of 3/8 inch or larger in order to gain entry into your attic, wall cavity or crawlspace.  These small gaps are common on many newer and older homes throughout Louisville, KY.  If you have found bats in your house or suspect you may have bats living in your attic, walls or crawlspace then we recommend you contact a professional bat removal company such as kY Wildlife Removal Specialist of Louisville. 

How do you know if you have bats in your attic? Look for signs such as bats flying out of eaves and rooflines.  Bat entry points will typically have dark staining from body oils being rubbed off as they enter and exit the roosting site.  Another way to tell if you have bats in your house is to look for droppings below vents or overhangs.  Bas will deposit these droppings throughout the day and often times they will fall on the ground directly below the bat roost entry location.  Bats also get very excited when they are getting ready to leave the roost in the evening.  Listen for screeching, chirping or rustling in walls or ceilings at dusk.  During the birthing season bats will also become very vocal while in the roost so you may even hear them during the mid-day hours.  If you suspects bats in your home or business, call your locally licensed bat control and bat removal experts at kY Wildlife Removal Specialist of Louisville,

Once bats invade your Louisville home or business, you will be hard pressed to convince them to leave.  Many people will search the internet for tips and home remedies for bat removal.  Often times you will read that moth balls will make them leave but this is not true and in many cases it is illegal to apply moth balls for bat removal. Noise making devises and lights also do not work! We always recommend you seek the help of a trained and certified bat removal and bat control professional.  The bat removal specialist at kY Wildlife Removal Specialist of Louisville can remove the bats and clean up waste they leave behind.

Bat removal is conducted by a process called exclusion.  During the bat exclusion process our bat removal specialist will identify and seal all possible bat entry locations and any areas of the structure that bats may relocate to once they are excluded from the main roosting site.  Bats are very persistent and they live in the structure just like you do.  So when they are excluded from the main entry they will search the entire structure for a new entry point.  If proper exclusion procedures are not taken the bats will just relocate to a new entry and possibly make the bat problem worse.  In some cases of improper bat exclusion the bats may be forced inside the living space or may even die in the walls or attic cavity. 

Bat removal and bat control is not a task to be completed unless you have training, certifications and experience in professional bat exclusion procedures.  The bat removal specialist at kY Wildlife Removal Specialist of Louisville have years of training, experience and undergo a rigorous bat removal and control certification.  We ensure your bat problem is solved in a professional manner and ensure the entire bat removal and control procedure is fast, safe and humane.  If you have a bat removal or bat control need then call our local your local bat removal company today.  We help you protect what’s important!

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