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With over 18 years experience we have the training and knowledge to safely and humanely solve all your nuisance wildlife problems.  We take great pride in our service to you and perform each wildlife removal task with the highest level of professionalism.

Our goal is to be the most complete wildlife service in Bardstown.  We remove your nuisance animal and offer a full range of wildlife damage repair and waste removal services.  Our technicians will restore you property to its original state or improve upon the quality. 



Flooding problems in the Bardstown, KY area are commonly caused by beaver.  Hungry beavers can also cause thousands of dollars in damage to ornamental trees, landscapes, boat docks and earthen dams on Nelson County lakes and the many other lakes and ponds throughout Bardstown.  Beaver eat aquatic plants, bark, leaves, and twigs of many trees and shrubs. Beaver live in family groups that normally consist of an adult pair and up to 2-4 young.  Juvenile beaver will remain with the family group up to the age of two. So it is important to stop beaver damage as soon as your discover the problem.  Beaver reproduce once a year an a population an grow fast if they are not controlled. If you have a beaver problem or suspect you may have beaver damages to your property call one of our Bardstown based beaver removal specialists.


The striped skunk population is abundant and a general pest in many Bardstown communities and neighborhoods. The skunk reputation is often derived from the disgusting smell that usually accompanies a skunk siting. The skunk is very aware of the respect it enjoys and will rarely run from a threat. Instead, when annoyed he will raise his bushy tail, lower his head and assume an aiming position, and as a last resort, commence firing.  Occasional sightings around Bardstown, KY neighborhoods should not be cause for alarm.  But when skunks take up residence around homes (usually under decks, porches, barns and in crawl spaces), you should call one of our wildlife removal specialist and have the nuisance skunk removed.as soon as possible.  Bardstown skunk removal specialists use specialized skunk traps and we can even transfer skunks to our special no spray skunk traps. So if you have a skunk problem or you have caught a skunk and need assistance.  Call our Bardstown skunk removal specialist immediately. 


Nuisance birds can often cause problems in Bardstown, KY. Most commonly these problems are caused by feral pigeons, starlings, swifts and sparrows. These nuisance birds have caused many conflicts with Bardstown, KY businesses and home owners. Birds will establish roosting or nesting sites in or around man-made structures their presence will can cause structural damage and product loss to business owners.  Health, safety and sanitation problems are also caused by the accumulation of bird droppings.  We can assist Bardstown, KY commercial property owners with the associated legal liabilities created by these nuisance birds.  Our bird control specialists are highly trained in all aspects of bird control.  Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to solve your Bardstown, KY bird control needs.  If you have a bird control problem call on of our professional Bardstown bird control specialist.


Bats are very common in Nelson County and can cause a serious conflict in Bardstown, KY homes and businesses. Bardstown residents often encounter bats in the evenings as the search for and eat insects. Bats are very helpful to our environment and can eat as many as 600 insects in one hour.  But a serious conflict occurs when bats choose Bardstown, KY homes and businesses as roosting sites. The presence of bats in your home of business can cause a very strong odor caused by the accumulation of bat guano (feces) below the roosting site. Bat guano is can be very hazardous to human health and should be removed immediately. Bats will also roost in the gable vents and soffits of homes. If you discover bats in your attic, in you chimney or behind siding the call our Bardstown, KY expert’s.  We provide professional bat removal, bat exclusion, waste remediation and attic restoration after bats have contaminated your attic. Visit our Bat Removal Specialist site for more details on both commercial and residential bat removal.


Opossums or possums are found throughout the bluegrass state and often find their way into Bardstown, KY neighborhoods. Opossums will destroy landscaping and sod as they search for food. Opossums will also seek entry into your Bardstown, KY home or business for shelter and nesting. They cause damages to HVAC ducting, attic and crawl space insulation and vapor barriers by contaminating the areas the area with feces and urine. Opossums will live in your attic, crawl space, under sheds, porches, patios, and outbuildings.  If you discover or think that you have a opossum in your attic, under your house or an opossum in your garage it should be removed immediately!  Our opossum removal specialist are trained to handle all wildlife control problems and have the tools to safely handle these very large and strong animals.


Snakes are found throughout Bardstown, Kentucky and often times found in lawns, flower beds, gardens and under houses.  Snake skin sheds are commonly found in attics and under home. Most often these snakes  are non venomous but there are also several venomous snakes Bardstown, Kentucky neighborhoods. Humane snake removal and control is one of the most common calls we receive during the hot summer months. Like all cold-blooded animals, snakes become more active as the temperature increases in Bardstown, Kentucky. Most people are deathly afraid of snakes and want them gone whether they are venomous or not. So if you have a snake in your Bardstown, KY home or suspect you may have snakes in your lawn call our snake removal specialist immediately.


Our Bardstown wildlife removal specialist can solve raccoon problems daily. Raccoons are very intelligent animals and they adapt easily to the urban neighborhoods of Bardstown, KY. Raccoons raid trash cans, dig up yards and get into homes as they seek shelter and food. Raccoons in the attic can do serious damage in a very short period of time. Raccoons living in the attics of Bardstown, KY homes and businesses destroy insulation and leave hazardous contaminates such as urine and feces. Raccoon feces can contain round worm and pose a threat to your family's health.  Raccoons will also den in chimneys and cause severe damages. If your chimney is uncapped or you suspect a raccoon is living in your chimney you should contact our office for a chimney inspection. Raccoons use Bardstown homes because we allow them access. So as soon as you become aware of a raccoon living in your house or attic, or a raccoon in your trash you should contact our Bardstown professional raccoon removal specialists.

Some of the communities we commonly service in Bardstown and Nelson County include: Coxis Creek, Wellington, Valley View Estates, Nazareth Meadows, Nazareth Farms, Maywood, Copperfield, Locust Grove, Miller Springs, Nazareth Woods, Heritage Hills, Edgewood Estates, Woodlawn Springs, Mallards Landing, Whispering Oaks, Kingston Estates, Reserve at Woodlawn and many more. 

We specialize in the removal and control of nuisance wildlife and pest animals from your Bardstown, KY area homes and businesses. Wildlife removal in Kentucky is regulated by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources (KDFW) to ensure the humane and proper treatment of the wild animals we remove. Before you allow a wildlife removal company into your Bardstown, KY home or business we recommend that you ensure they have the proper documentation from the (KDFW) and that they have the proper liability insurance, and a business license to perform work to your home or business. (KDFW) has a published directory on their site and you will see that our owner is listed with as a Licensed Wildlife Control Operator.  Our Wildlife Technicians are highly trained and can handle many wildlife problems such as squirrel removal, raccoon removal, opossum removal, snake removal, bat removal, dead animal removal, bird control, skunk removal and beaver control.


Tree squirrels take advantage of Bardstown homes and business, utilizing them for shelter and nesting sites while they raise their young.  Many homes in Bardstown, KY communities provide easy access for squirrels.  Squirrel problems in Bardstown, KY increase daily and should be taken care of immediately.  Squirrels should never be allowed to remain in your attic, squirrels will chew your wiring and dig holes in your walls.  In the United States there are approximately 30,000 house fires each year caused by squirrels! Squirrels are wild animals and should remain in the trees and not in homes and businesses here in the Bardstown, KY. Squirrels will use homes because we allow them to. So as soon as you become aware of a squirrel living in your house or attic you should contact  one of our professional Bardstown squirrel removal specialists.

KY Wildlife Removal Specialist is a full-service wildlife removal company servicing Bardstown, KY. We perform Animal Control and Wildlife Removal services for animals such as Squirrels, Bats, Snakes, Raccoons, Birds, Skunks and Opossums.  We service all of Nelson County and when you call us, you will speak directly to a highly trained and certified wildlife removal specialist.  We do not provide services for common house pets such as dogs or cats.  If you need assistance with dogs or cats please contact the Bardstown and Nelson County Animal Control.  They may be reached by calling 502) 348-1865 or visit their office at 2391 New Haven Rd., Bardstown, KY.


These are only a sample of the many nuisance animals for which we provide removal services for in the Bardstown, KY area. We also provide control and removal of wild pigs, coyote, fox, bobcat, ground hogs, rats, mice, rodents, muskrat and moles. Call KY Wildlife Removal Specialists and let us help you with your nuisance wildlife needs.

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