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We proudly service all of Central Kentucky!Some of the cities, towns and communities in our service area include: Louisville, Lexington, Bowling Green, Frankfort, Owensboro, KY 

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- Wildlife Removal

- Squirrel Removal
- Bat Removal
- Raccoon Removal
- Opossum Removal
- Skunk Removal
- Snake Removal 
- Bird Control
- Groundhog Removal

- Wildlife Management Consultations

- Wildlife Damage Repair

- Waste Remediation
- Insulation Replacement
- Wildlife Fencing
- Chimney Caps
- Chimney Crown Repair
- Commercial Wildlife Removal
- Mole Removal

- Dead Animal Removal

- Wildlife Proof Gutter Guards

We offer a complete wildlife removal service that can be customized to meet your needs. Our team works directly with you to identify the wildlife problem and come to the best solution for your home, business, or commercial wildlife removal needs.  We are a locally owned company so when you call our office you will speak directly with a Certified Wildlife Removal Specialist.

Wildlife damage repairs and waste remediation projects are done with care and concern for architectural and structural integrity as well as function.

We also offer complete wildlife removal services for commercial properties such as stadiums, hospitals, parking structures, and high rise buildings.

We perform nuisance wildlife removal for animals such as squirrels, bats, raccoons, opossums, snakes, skunks and many more.



From inspection to damage repairs, every step of a wildlife problem is handled by our team of trained and certified Wildlife Removal Specialists.